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I'm Jill and I design knitting patterns for shawls, babies and dolls and also have a passion for hand made items, in particular Diamond Painting which thankfully my husband also enjoys and machine embroidery.

My very understanding husband David has had to suffer wool all over the entire house, the constant clicking of needles, and now beads all over the floor. We have a grown up son, (strangely he moved out) a cat and a dog and we all live in rural Lincolnshire

For those who are interested in knitting

I have been knitting and crocheting for as long as I can remember and have been obsessed with circular knitting for about 12 years now. The fact that I never know how it is going to look until it comes off the needles, is something that still excites me.

I was disappointed about the amount of circular shawls that were available, which lead me to create my own Maybebaby Designs which I hope you like and will enjoy making yourself.

Some of my patterns can be challenging but who wants easy, where's the fun in that. That is not to say that I haven't had my fair share of disasters and the inevitable un-picking of everything I have done but for every mistake there are successes too.

If this is for you, there is one little thing that is well worth mentioning. One of my best purchases has been Interchangeable needles such as Denise, Knit Pro or Addi. The ability to change needle size quickly, extend the length of the cord to suit and they even enable you to have a smaller needle on the left hand side to make it easier for the stitches to come of the needle, is a bonus.

  • Boston, England, United Kingdom